Monday, January 11, 2010

Nebraska's loss, Heaven's gain: Tom Tomlinson, RIP

Tom Tomlinson died in Norfolk, Nebraska yesterday.

Tom had a rich life of public service, both in the U.S. Navy and as long time planner for the historic city of San Juan Capistrano, California - the last place my family lived before moving here and a really pleasant "small town" on SoCal terms. That was due, in good measure, to Tom's work (I currently have Larry Weires, a retired Sioux Falls planner, in my congregation - God is gracious to let me meet people who were making my life better when I didn't even know it).

But I'm posting this because Tom is yet another saint in what seems like a recent procession from this world to God's kingdom. Tom was a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, and a generous servant in the Cursillo movement. He was on the team that served me so wonderfully when I attended #151 in Los Angeles. The theme was Jesus' promise to return: "They will see the Son of Man..." Tom sees him now, smiling.

Tom's widow is The Reverend Ruth Tomlinson, Rector of Trinity Church, Norfolk. We served together in the Diocese of Los Angeles before both of us were called to spots here on the Northern Plains.

Please pray - give thanks for Tom's life and his completion of the race that Christ set before him. Ask comfort for Ruth, for their daughter Amy, and for their son David and his wife Karen (who welcomed their new baby Taylor on December 29th).

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Mary said...

I knew Tom a little bit, mainly through his wife Ruth, when I was in Nebraska. He was indeed one of the good guys.

May his memory be eternal!