Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayer Request

This morning my van slid on some ice and was stuck in roadside snow.

Just then, a pickup truck pulls up and the guys jump out with a tow cable. I was unstuck in a matter of seconds.

I said, "It was a blessing to have you driving by," to which they replied,

"We need prayers for our business. Things are hard in this economy."

So I would ask my readers to pray for

D & C Auto Performance
Tea, South Dakota

And if you are in southern Minnehaha or Lincoln Counties (or any other place!) consider using them for tires/rims, custom paint & body work, repairs, interiors... pretty much anything for your car. Their # is


Michael Shaw said...

Prayers ascending...

The Underground Pewster said...

Prayers for all those in peril earning a living on the road in this weather.