Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow, this is a sad story...

...and it points out the difficulty of trying to be among all the kinds of folks Jesus told us to serve. We romanticize "the poor" and either peep at them from a distance or wade into their world without "counting the cost" and going prepared for the challenges.

Controversial Santa Cruz Priest Charged By Church - Santa Cruz News

Please pray for all involved. "Calvary" - what an appropriate name for this parish.

h/t David Virtue


Keith said...

I will. I know all the parties involved. Even here in Hew Orleans I feel the pain in Santa Cruz.

Perpetua said...

He seems to have turned his church into a location requiring frequent emergency service calls:

"Crime data provided by SCPD shows that emergency calls for service at the church peaked last summer with 38 calls from June through mid-September, while there were only 16 calls during the same time period this year. "

Since the article says these were needed only on the day of the week of the homeless program, it seems like the police had to be called more than twice each program day the previous summer and about once a day on the program days this summer.