Friday, September 17, 2010

And in an amazing follow-up...

...God gave me a confirmation on my usury perspective.

I drive an '89 Camry that my brother and then my son kept up very well. But it has a zillion miles on it.

So, to get to the Twin Cities for the football game, I reserved a rental car thru Alamo in Sioux Falls (actually, via Bill Shatner at Priceline).

So I get to the rental desk at Vern Eide Honda on Louise Ave., and not only is the car not there but Alamo won't send one because I want to put it on my bank debit card instead of a credit card. Businesses are set up to make you use these interest loaded contraptions.

So I called my long suffering wife to drive back and get me, and I drove the Camry. Made it just fine, using only 3/4 of its little tank of gas. I played a CD of chanted Psalms that my wife got me awhile ago and really had a peaceful, even prayerful ride. Took the more scenic trip via Makato instead of the drab I-90 to I-35 lost-city-of-Albert Lea route.

I'm just checked into the hotel and looking forward to 48 hrs. of fun.

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Grace said...

It's worth noting that you CAN use debit cards for car rentals. What you need to do is have your daily spending limit on the card increased. I rent with Hertz and have never had a problem using my debit card.

The bank will tell you that the lower spending limit on the card is for your protection. It isn't. It's for them. Visa/MC branded debit cards offer the same protection against fraud for the consumer that credit cards do. That means that in the event of fraud, the bank eats the loss, not you. This is why the spending limits are so low.

Just an FYI for future trips...