Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reuters: Baghdad church bombings leave tiny Christian minority trembling

Baghdad church bombings leave tiny Christian minority trembling | Analysis & Opinion |
“Attacking Christians can have a big impact on public opinion, because they are a minority and the international media will take this news seriously. That’s what the extremists want,” William Warida, a Christian and chairman of a Baghdad human rights organisation told me. “And some extremists just don’t want the existence of Christians in this country at all.”

I don't know if he's right about the media taking the news seriously, although I am glad that Reuters is reporting the situation. But if you go to the link you will see that the attacks have been going on for months. This isn't breaking news.

Please pray for Iraq's Christians, and for peace and stability in the region. As you will read, these bombings are an extension of Islamic fundamentalists' effort to stir up conflict as well as intimidate. Previous bombing campaigns targeted other Muslims to create sectarian tension. If you have means to give, Barnabas Aid sponsors several relief programs for Iraqi Christians.

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