Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good stuff from Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls

During my sabbatical, attendance was steady and pretty close to normal, August financial giving was in the black - robust, in fact. (Small church miracle).

The people used their gifts and kept up the ministry, including the launch of a new year of home Bible study groups. The youth group had an outing at which a friend who came along committed his life to Christ.

Last night a new lector called to practice Sunday's Bible readings and make sure he was pronouncing the Old Testament names and places correctly.

Thanks, praise and glory to God in the highest.


David Handy+ said...

Welcome back, Tim+. Maybe there was no marching band on hand to celebrate your return, but I bet the angels were rejoicing along with your flock.

By the way, are you ever going to tell us what writing project(s) you are working on? Or have I missed a past announcement about that?

TLF+ said...

David+, two goals were set at the writing conference. One was already achieved by the grace of God, the op/ed on "usury." The other will be to complete a manuscript of a book idea within the next year. It is a reflection/inspirational book on care giving, based on Scriptures that support me in that effort and hopefully of help to others who care for family members.