Sunday, September 12, 2010

No news is...?

First, let me be fair to the culture. There isn't the urgency here about every bit of news, gossip or whatever launching out in real time.

So, it is not surprising that there's no news from the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota's Convention up on the diocesan site (see top "useful link" to the right), or the Episcopal Church in South Dakota Facebook page at Noon on Sunday of the Convention weekend.

But the MSM aren't covering the event, either. I went to the Rapid City Journal and put "Episcopal" in their search function - top news was a funeral to be held in an Episcopal church. For the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, top searches went to archives of the 2009 election of our bishop.

Now, before you read my next paragraph, know that nothing controversial was on tap for the Convention this year. My last paragraph is making a more general point about what gets covered...

Today's Argus Leader has a substantial article about GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender) advocacy programs around South Dakota. That gets covered - the Convention of a nationally known GLBT-friendly denomination doesn't. This goes to my point in the preceding post - most folks don't need the church around for causes they've already embraced, thoughts they've already had. Clubs, advocacy groups and other civic organizations can take care of these things.


Scott said...


Kim said...

I am thoroughly perplexed by this and the post just previous. Yes, "to create a compelling Christian mission" could reverse the attendance trend or at least make the work of Christ in the remnant more effective and compelling. But, how does that objective square with the Episcopal denomination, which apparently, rejects the atoning work of Christ and His written word? I'm not asking that question to be argumentative. I'm asking because I am perplexed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

As nearly as I can see from Tim's work, he doesn't believe what the current leaders of The Episcopal Church believe. He is a traditional Christian in a denomination currently led by very corrupt people who do not believe or promote the Gospel at all.

There are a lot of us like Tim in The Episcopal Church.

Yours in faith,


TLF+ said...

Kim - what you state is the dilema. And the Diocese of South Dakota can't avoid it, because the diocesan operating budget and special funds for Reservation ministry come from the national church.

Meanwhile, the demographics here, while not uniformly conservative, are certainly not coastal-urban-liberal.

So a bishop and mission effort here are in a tough spot from the get go.

There is no critical mass to launch a competing Anglican group, and, even if there were, it would not find itself well placed to reach out to small communities or the Reservations, where the Episcopal name has history and affection.

Not an easy reality in which to minister - for folks of any leaning. It is the kind of weakness that offers the tantalizing possibility of divine surprise - something emerging that isn't tied up in the existing categories.

Of course it could be that God is letting things die off - and we will just have to accept that reality if it is God's will.

DeeBee said...

West Virginia had their Diocesan Convention this weekend (9/10 - 9/12). No one noticed.

TLF+ said...

DeeBee - thanks for sharing that. My sense is that the "cause" got what it needed from the old line churhces. Now, the cause generates its own news and the churches are tossed aside.

Happens every time the church tries to legitimate itself through some secular utility.

Kim said...

Sarah, I do know that about Tim. I have been in the struggle and was rescued when God called me out to a church plant, just a year ago.

Tim, thank you for answering my question. I'm glad to understand the situation so that I can pray for it. Just as I have asked your intercession for our church plant.
How can anyone doubt that this is warfare?