Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sioux Falls hosts Miss Sudan America Pageant

OK, before you start flaming go read the whole article.

"Participants spoke of their dreams and ambitions, and young Sudanese girls were invited to watch and listen.

Biliu is studying criminal justice at Colorado Technical Institute with a goal of becoming a police officer and then a detective. She was born in Sudan, raised in the Middle East and moved to the United States at age 16.

She wants to be a role model for young women, including her young daughters, and educate them on the options and women's rights offered in America."

The Diocese of South Dakota's support for Pajut, South Sudan, has a special focus on rebuilding the nation through the education of girls. The wells and grinding mills now present in Pajut save the village's girls hours of daily work, time which is spent in the school constructed by the project.

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