Thursday, September 9, 2010

Qur'an burning cancelled, thank God

Lots of reports bouncing around but it appears that the provocation has been called off.


Georgia said...

More good news from the site you linked:
"U.S. Forces Take Ship From Somali Pirates

American Marines boarded a hijacked ship and arrested nine pirates — without firing a shot, the military said."

JC Fremont said...

Florida pastor says he won't burn the Koran, but last I heard the "moderate" Imam says he won't move the Ground Zero Mosque. I guess he doesn't understand that the ball is now in his court.

TLF+ said...

JC Fremont? The great Pathfinder? I'm from CA. You kinda got hosed on a namesake city there.

But seriously, your point is a good one. This whole game has been about the responsible exercise of rights to build good will. And the mosque developers don't seem to care about the good will part.