Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Episcopal House of Bishops: they are being given good mission info while being sabotaged from within

This report from today's meetings of the Episcopal House of Bishops, standing on its own, should be cause for celebration:

Episcopal Life Online - NEWS

They heard many realities of Christian mission in North America, and some good directions for the future.

But, while they are listening to speakers on evangelism, the national church dumped its evangelism budget and staff in order to fund lawsuits against dissenting members.

While they are hearing about the breakdown of institutional identities and the very personal, individual ways Americans choose churches, the Presiding Bishop is spending millions of dollars to sue for buildings and stressing institutional "hierarchy" and member obedience.

While speakers extol "being Christians in religious pluralism," the denomination's shrinking membership becomes more and more a club for the radically similar.

If you go to the link, note the Bishops who gave the press report today. Bp. Sauls is a key architect of the "sue at all costs" policy, whose mission record involves the significant shrinkage of his diocese. One whiffs the aroma of blown smoke on today's report.