Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christ-denying, church-shrinking, parishioner-suing, rule-bending Episcopal Bishops vote to get rid of Bishop of Pittsburgh because he's a Christian

Bishop Duncan's diocese has the disgusting news. David Virtue has a more detailed report here.

Yeah, the House of Bishops will say they were defending property for the benefit of future Episcopalians, even though their own stats and reports show that they can't attract new people, the kids of current members go to other churches, and the members are too old to have more kids.

Yeah, they will say they are protecting something called "unique polity" - that is, their inclusive, tolerant club is only for people just like them.

Or maybe they won't say anything. They didn't allow any media to listen to their kangaroo court. These Bishops are like (pick your creature) that can't stand the light of day.

Thankfully, there were some Bishops - about 35 - who did not bow to the false gods hoisted by their colleagues. Bishop Love of Albany, for example.

The fact is, Bob Duncan is under attack because he believes that Jesus died for our sins and that the Good News of Jesus is revealed authoritatively in the Holy Bible. He does not believe that fancy titles or robes make one holy (and didn't Jesus say just that?)

This House of Bishops, I believe, wants to destroy the church. They might not even be aware of their lust to do this - they are that sick, spiritually and emotionally.
  • These are people enthralled with gay sex - their erotic focus is waste, elimination, and degradation.
  • These are people who wink at, if not support, abortion - meeting the wants and needs of a present generation over the hope of a future one.
  • These are people who take pride in running off church members, closing down congregations, and now "eliminating" peers who disagree with them.
  • These are people who promote leadership failures (clergy who poison and shrink dioceses and congregations) and give them authority over more and more of church life.

These are the "priests" of the culture of death, a culture badly ingrained into my own baby boom generation. They want things to wither and die. They have no vision beyond their own puny comforts cradle to grave, which would just be sad except...

They want to pull lots of others into the grave with them. This is where they escalate from pathetic to evil.


Anonymous said...

I honestly am very happy about this! The best news we could get. Let the speed of the destruction of TEC gain momentum. This is the absolute highest BADGE OF HONOR - to be deposed by SATAN! Onward, Upward faithful friend and servant of Christ - Bob Duncan.

May TEC continue to crumble into the lake of fire along with the Presiding Heretic and her court.

The Midland Agrarian said...

The only good news is that Bishop Bob has already been unanimously accepted as a Bishop of the Southern Cone. The rest of us will follow October 4, Lord willing. Thanks for your post. You summed it up well.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim,

Thank YOU for speaking truth so fearlessly!

Your last paragraph re the culture of death and (our) baby boomer generation resonated with me. I remember when I subscribed to abortion as a 'necessary' evil...esp. in case of rape (I told myself)...but the touch of the Lord,(as St. Augustine said) the piercing of my heart by HIS WORD, yeilding to His Will changed and removed all that (conditioned lies and c--p) in a moment. Other sin and iniquity have had to be taken to the Cross gradually and crucified there - a painful process of admitting, agreeing with God about my sin (confessing is being reconciled to God and The Definition Truth, Love and Life in His Word)

Your four points are SO TRUE about the modus operandi and values practiced in TEC. They just need bigger and brighter bullets and an active flashing neon signs.

Keep up the truth-telling, but also pray hard for the souls of these people lest the anger wound and disable you spiritually.

The early church would fast and pray one day every week for those who tortured and killed their members.

All blessings and peace,

TLF+ said...

Thanks, GA/FL for that reminder to keep our focus on God, and on obedience to the Lord's command that we bless and pray for our persecutors. Amen, and I keep them on my daily prayer list.

In the lectionary of the 1928 BCP, today continued the accounts of Elijah in I Kings. He speaks against the evil and God cares for him as he is hounded by the king and queen.

Also Psalm 37, which reminds us to be at peace and be content - God will care for us and the evil that seems so dominant will soon be gone.

mwn and Midland Agrarian - yes, Bp. Duncan will continue in fruitful and true episcopal ministry. The HOB's action will make for some hassles but do they really, really believe that +Bob will think that he's not a real bishop? As you say, he will be much more of an apostle with this badge of honor! He has chosen Christ over human approval and status.