Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Word Received - The House of Bishops

"Of all the methods of dealing with Bishop Pike's views, the very worst is surely a heresy trial! Whatever the result, the good name of the Church will be greatly injured. Should there be a presentment and trial of Bishop Pike (which I hope and pray will not happen) the harm, the divisiveness and the lasting bitterness that will be inflicted on the Church we love and serve will be inevitable."
Bishop Horace Donegan, 1966

Hear what God says to the House of Bishops:

Because you cared more for human approval than for my great Name, you will have neither until you repent. You will be irrelevant to the world and without blessing from Heaven.

Because you craved a form of "love" instead of my Word, you will have neither until you repent. You will pile up words and not find common prayer. You will not break the bread and share the cup together - but your people will keep breaking apart and your relationships will dissolve in lasting bitterness.

Because you sought a passing "good name" instead of eternal truth, you will have neither until you repent. You will bite and devour one another over temporal titles. Your generation will pass away and leave its vestments hanging in empty buildings.

But what I said through Jeremiah I say to you: Return, O faithless children, I will heal your faithlessness. I Am your Father. Return to me as brothers and sisters of my Son, Jesus. Ask in his Name and I will give you the Holy Spirit.

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