Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When ya can't debate - LIE! (But a postive UPDATE!)

Positive Update: The Vote Yes for Life Campaign has been able to open an office in Rapid City, the largest city in the western half of SD. Thanks to all who have supported the campaign so far... 43 more days!
South Dakota's abortion fans (cynically called "The Campaign for Healthy Families") are putting out various misleading ads against Measure 11 - the effort to end elective abortion here.

The most appalling (and desperate) claim is that the law will prevent an extremely rare medical procedure for in-utero twins. Absolute nonsense, but the kind of stuff to which the disciples of Molech cling.

Check out the FACTS here (pdf). And please, please get the word out to your friends. If you are an out-of-state blog visitor and have friends here, please pass the word.

And, if you can donate time, talent or treasure to the pro-life effort , it will be a blessing.

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