Saturday, September 20, 2008

Only 1/2 of diocesan bishops voted to depose the Bishop of Pittsburgh

Amazing work from the "elf" at TitusOneNine.

From an elfin email: By my count, there are 112 TEC Dioceses (counting all overseas dioceses and Churches in Europe)

56 Diocesans (or acting diocesans) voted YES to Depose.

A few dioceses had a lot of clout in the vote: Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Connecticut, Chicago, North Carolina and Maine accounted for 21 of the YES votes (1/4 of the total Yes votes).

A complete report of the votes is here (xls).

The Presiding Bishop got her "2/3" vote to get rid of a Biblically faithful leader by leaning on a bunch of retired, assistant and otherwise "empty suit" characters and a handful of dioceses that hire extra bishops to sit downtown and go to meetings.


Anonymous said...

The Anglican Curmudgeon did some additional and enlightening analysis of the statistics. He says 58% or 173 of bishops qualified to vote did not show up for the illegal deposition proceedings.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Yeap, he was railroaded. And Louie is crowing over at his site over an empty "victory". Meanwhile, support is coming in from all over the world for Bishop Duncan. Read the statement issued Sept. 22 from the Anglican Province of Southeast Asia at Global South Anglican.