Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pine Ridge Update: Tribal Advocate will contest Diocesan closure of churches

According to the Lakota Country Times, people on the Pine Ridge Reservation have hired counsel and will contest The Diocese of South Dakota's planned closure of nine churches. The report (requires subscription to read in full) by Amanda Takes War Bonnet is here.

From the report:

[Advocate Marwin] Smith who will be representing the group said an injunction will be filed against the diocese in tribal court since all the land involved is trust land. The injunction is to halt the closing of the churches and to halt disposition of any land and buildings that are affected. Thirdly, all those involved can come to a settlement that will be satisfactory to both parties.

Northern Plains Anglicans broke the church closings story on September 8th.


Anonymous said...

Awww...isn't that too bad that the Episcopal Church may have to spend a bunch of money DEFENDING itself in court? And...the diocesan chancellor has his hands full trying to defend the Argus Liar from the libel suit filed by Bill Janklow. Sad.

*Sarcasm Off*

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you're keeping this topic in front of us. Thanks for this update.

Hmmm. Our national headquarters thinks we can spend millions of dollars on lawsuits against departing orthodox parishes, and throw lots of money into advocacy of the famous MDG's (Millenium Development Goals of the UN). But there just isn't money to put into small, struggling churches on the Indian Reservations.

Revealing, isn't it? "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Anonymous said...

Poverty and suffering on tribal lands across the country are a very real problem. I was disgusted when I read of Jefferts-Schori's willing indiference on her last visit. Ranting away about the need to redirect funds away from dealing with their poverty, so the UN can put those monies into the pockets of corrupt despots, who will buy weapons and luxuries with them.. what's that old saying about "there are none so blind, as those who will not see"?