Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Episcopalians: Remember the Edmund Fitzgerald!

Yeah, the Northern Plains have no seafront. But some of us gots Great Lakes, and ships sink in those waters. Remembering Gordon Lightfoot's lyrics, the Episcopal Church is to Anglicanism as the Edmund Fitzgerald was to Great Lakes shipping - the pride of the American side.

Which brings me to a Minnesota blogger called Not Worthy of the Name. His nautically-themed post might be short and clear enough to reach some of your hide-under-the-pew lay folk with the severity of the mess. A taste...

The Episcopal Church has been likened to an ocean-going liner that is headed on a path towards shipwreck. In our case, the captain appears not only prepared to go down with the ship, but intent on herself taking the ship down. Expensive litigation, disregard for the church’s canons, and the rejection of Jesus’ own words in the gospel can only serve to further weaken and divide the church. Meanwhile many of her officers and crew are below decks puncturing the hull.


Anonymous said...

And all that remains is the faces and the names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters.

Anonymous said...

The wind in the wires made a tattletale sound
And a wave broke over the railing
And every man knew, as the Captain did, too,
T'was the witch of November come stealing!

TLF+ said...

I was going to link to the lyrics but at this rate we'll get the whole song in via comments!

Anonymous said...

At 7:00 PM the main hatchway gave in
He said "fellas, it's been good to know ya!"