Saturday, September 20, 2008

NARAL and Dr. Bernard Nathanson - truth about the pro-abortion deception

Only a minute of your time to hear the truth. Abortion kills a human being. South Dakota has a chance to say no to this babaric means of "birth control." Vote yes on 11 - Vote Yes for Life.


Anonymous said...

Did you know Dr. Nathanson supports killing abortion docs? I didn’t know that either until I read the following:

“If [Paul] Hill had caught Dr. Britton in the act of commencing an abortion (which is, after all a lethal assault on a human being-I am one of those who draws [sic] no moral distinction between the born and the unborn), then he would have been correct in interposing his body between Dr. Britton and the unborn, and if necessary defending the unborn with the use of lethal force if Britton was determined to proceed with his assault. But such was not the case. Hill acted violently, not in a directly intercessory manner,… ” from (

In other words, Paul Hill’s murder was wrong because he should have waited until his victim was actually at work.

Here's an idea for improving the image of the Catholic Church: Dr. Nathanson should be immediately excommunicated. Does the Catholic Church WANT members who support murderous anti-abortion terrorism? If you had a piece of Jesus’ feces, would you eat it?

TLF+ said...

The comment above is so bizzare and disgusting that I am leaving it up so others can see the pro-abortion mind-set.

The fact is, Christians denounce the murder of abortionists. Paul Hill was kicked out of the Presbyterian Church because of his views. He joined a more conservative group that had broken off from PCUSA, and THEY kicked him out.

The gimmick in the pro-abortion argument is: find an extreme case (disturbing, sad, whatever) and make public policy based on that extreme (or, in some cases, absurd) example rather than the factual realities of aboriton.

How many abortionists have been murdered? Finished counting on your fingers? OK, how many unborn have been aborted? Better get your calculator out...