Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More News on the Reservation Suicide Plague

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader ran a commendable three-day series on the high suicide rates afflicting the Rosebud and other Reservations in South Dakota. This helpful link gives access to all of the articles, graphics and a video.

For a mainstream/old line media source, the Argus did a decent job of addressing some of the core spiritual issues involved. There are some good insights from Pastor Jack Moore, a tribal member who leads a church and Christian school on the Rosebud.

Please pray that the path of death will be closed and Christ, the Way of life will reach the afflicted people.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Father,
Sound the alarm! Call and awaken Thy People!
Over all the earth and at the reservations
Let the sound Thy people praying
Begin as a whisper and turn to an outcry
Let The Holy Spirit lead all to pray
Thy Holy Word and Thy Perfect Will
and let it be heard
over the entire area afflicted by the plague of suicide and death
Let Thy Cross be lifted up.
Let Thy Blood cover all the people and the whole area
Let the Holy Spirit inspire productive programs
Holy works and healthy healing work for the people
Remove all evil works, immorality
Scourge the area of robbers and moneychangers
and let Thy Holy Kingdom come there
Bring Thy holy and true servants - preachers, teachers
To instruct and lead the way to Thee
Let Thy Power and Light draw, rescue, redeem and deliver these people
from racial prejudice and racial pride
from the culture of deception, degradation and death
into the communion of Truth, Love and Life
from hopelessness, bondage and torment
into freedom, joy and peace.
Let only Thy Name be glorified and praised
by every one who loves You,
Jesus, Christ, Lord, King!