Thursday, September 4, 2008

A question about the Episcopal Church Pension Fund

Just received The Church Pension Group Annual Report 2008.

An interesting tibdit on p. 25, in the section on "Special Funds":

The Restricted and Unrestricted Legacy and Gift Funds stem from bequests and contributions received by the Fund from individuals for the purpose of supporting the tax-exempt purposes of the Fund. The principal balance of the unrestricted account is available for use at the discretion of the Trustees; the principal balance of the restricted account is maintained as an endowment fund in accordance with the wishes of the benefactors.

In a chart on the same page, the Unrestricted Legacy & Gifts line shows "Benefits and Expenses" of $877,000 for 2007 and $885,000 for 2008.

In late 2006, The Episcopal Church reported its plans to sue congregations that wanted to disaffiliate from TEC, and also noted that Pension Fund money (at that time reported as $25,000) was to be used for this.

Is the Church Pension Fund deploying Legacy and Gift Funds to TEC's lawsuit campaign against Christians? If so, how much of the almost $1.8 million in Unrestricted Legacy & Gifts disbursements went to lawsuits?

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Anonymous said...

Could it be that orthodox priests are being sued WITH THEIR OWN MONEY? Genius. Diabolical. Satanic.