Friday, September 26, 2008

Bishop David Anderson: "sub-prime, bogus spiritual truths"

From the weekly American Anglican Council e-newsletter:

In many ways, the spiritual/ecclesiastical Anglican Communion meltdown is comparable to the financial meltdown in the US business world. In the latter, people bought sub-prime loans that were in effect bad paper, passed them on to others as if they were the real thing, trust was broken, and lies and deceit led to the economic ruination of many - and it isn't over yet! In the spiritual/ecclesiastical realm, church leaders in North America put together sub-prime, bogus spiritual truths, passed them on to others as if they were the real thing, persecuted those who raised the alarm, and as a result, trust has been broken, lives spiritually ruined, lies and deceit have caused many to leave their churches and reorganize in line with traditional Christian beliefs, and this is leading to the ecclesiastical ruination of many. The problem with spiritual ruination is that you might wind up in hell (yes, that place that TEC leaders don't believe in - or if it does exist, only a few of us will be in it!).


Anonymous said...

+Anderson's analogy is very apt and powerful. I think he's right on. Alas, TEC is now spiritually bankrupt (not that it lacks any spiritual assets, just that the liabilities exceed the assets).

And as the former SD rector and now CANA bishop duly notes, the religious fraud being perpetrated (unwittingly) by the self-deceived leaders of TEC has even more serious consequences: eternity in hell.

"Meltdown" is an apt word for what's been happening, both on Wall Street and in the western provinces of the Anglican Communion.

But who will bail out TEC? Who has the deep pockets to pull that off?

Only God himself.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Financial ruin, as painful as it can be, is often what turns people to the Lord. I think that the ruination of the Episcopal Church is doing that also.

The important thing is for people to get out of Episcopal parishes with Rectors who are in the pocket of TEC's leaders. These are spirtitually dangerous parishes.

I posted a piece on why people should leave TEC here: