Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Thanks-be-to-God! material

We made a quick run across the state to visit our son at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Very proud of him and God blessed us with a gorgeous fall weekend for this visit.

Today, October 31st, is six years to the day of my first Sunday at Church of the Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls. I've been describing the church as something like an old cathedral - always a work in progress, never quite done, but there pointing to God. The physical signs of this include parishioners putting new siding on the Sanctuary and a new paint job for the parish hall interior. One couple in particular touched my heart - they have been struggling with repair issues at their home and to see them leading the church upgrades is humbling and inspiring.

Then there are the wonderful signs of new life: baby seat handles sticking up from the pews like a welcome new crop. A weeknight kid's program. Sunday attendance starting to creep back up after a down year.

Much to celebrate, much for which to give thanks.


Shopgirl said...

Love your blog, it points to God's blessings and your thankful heart. Please visit my blessings blog at


Jill said...

Awesome report. Giving thanks with you! :)