Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interesting commentary, comparisons with the Native American/Columbus Day tensions

This bit of international news touches on some of the same issues that continue in South Dakota:

Israeli Orchestra Set to Play at Wagner Festival - ABC News

Reconciliation after dehumanization isn't easy - the sad assessment of one Holocaust survivor is that it can't be done:

Moshe Sanbar, a prominent member of Israel's main Holocaust survivor umbrella group, said it is too early for Israelis to play Wagner.

"I think it's better they don't do this because Wagner was Hitler's music," Sanbar said. "They should play it in a few years when all of us death camp and Holocaust survivors are dead. It is really bad for our health, Wagner is too much for us, the memories are still very painful."

Sioux Falls Pastor Shel Boese offers an interesting look at history, both hemispheric and South Dakota specific.

State and Church (see p. 21) efforts continue.

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