Friday, October 29, 2010

Episcopal Church posts a good fact sheet, prayers and advocacy links for The Sudan

This focus page has a good overview of the situation there, plus video of Sudan's Archbishop and other links to important statements, information and opportunities to help.

h/t Moses Deng-traffic Joknhial II

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David Handy+ said...

Can anything good come out of 815?

This may be the best thing in quite a while.

Our Sudanese brothers and sisters need all the help they can get. To say that the Obama administration has dropped the ball on Sudan is an understatement.

But one "fact" in this fact sheet is glaringly misleading. The TEC release claims, "Rich in oil, Sudan's economy is among the fastest growing in the world."

Actually, Sudan's oil reserves are fairly modest, but when it comes to southern Sudan (or New Sudan, as many there like to call it), it's ludicrous to call its utterly impoverished economy "fast-growing." Well, even a 1000% increase of almost zero is still close to zero.

When it gains independence, New Sudan will instantly become the most desperately impoverished country in the most impoverished continent in the world. Sudan's infrastructure is worse than Haiti's, after the earthquake.

There are virtually no paved roads anywhere in southern Sudan. And about one high school for every 1 million teens.

On the other hand, the Episcopal Church of Sudan is indeed one of the fastest growing churches in the world. Thanks be to God!