Sunday, October 3, 2010

Episcopalians/Anglicans: good play book, bad execution?

Sports interviews are full of platitudes, but I perked up at something USC QB Matt Barkley had to say after a loss. When asked about his coach's play selection, Barkley said that he couldn't read the coach's mind, but felt that they plays were good ones and the team just didn't execute them well.

For Episcopalians/Anglicans, we might share a vague sense that God is good but we sure don't seem to know his mind. And whatever plays he's sending in, we are not running them well as our particular branch of Christianity argues and splits, and in places like the USA withers in irrelevance.

I'm wondering if folks have views on the "basic plays" of Christianity, and how we (Episcopalians/Anglicans) might better execute on the field?


The Underground Pewster said...

The playbook used to be something we called the Bible. Every team in the league seems to start there, but the losing teams are those that do not study the playbook, or whose coaches either scoff at the old plays or put in new ones (that won't work), or whose coaches can't coach the players up. In a league full of nice coaches who like to take it easy on their players, we need to look for some tough, old school, hard nosed, Lombardi types who we might hate, but eventually will come to love because they want us to win eternal glory.

Some plays are like the power sweep, or the draw play, plays that every team must master.

Acts 8:30-40 is a good play to shoot for.

Kim Larsen said...

AMEN Underground Pewster!

Anonymous said...

I don't intend this as idle snark, but a good beginning might be to start playing against the Other Team rather than against yourselves?


TLF+ said...

JPB - not an idle snark at all, but right on target. Were TEC or the Anglican Communion a sports team, the coaching staff would be fired and disruptive players let go.

Don't know if you are here in the States or another part of the world, but to sell an NFL playbook to a rival is akin to industrial espionage - it would be investigated by the FBI and face Federal prosecution! Yet we have too many within our churches who are, whether they realize it or not, working for "the other team," which is the world, the flesh and the devil.