Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is the Episcopal Church using South Dakota's Reservations to troll for lawsuit money?

I caught an interesting report from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina:

"...our Bishop, +A. Waldo, presented his argument yesterday at the Diocesan convention of Upper S.C. for continuing full economic support of T.E.C. in the face of a $200,000 shortfall in the diocesan budget. To summarize, the rationale is that you have to send T.E.C. money so that they can continue to support the needy Native American tribal missions in S.D. and so that money can go to the Episcopal Church in Haiti."

While it remains true that the Episcopal Church here in SD is heavily subsidzed by a grant from the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, I can tell you that every conversation I've heard about that grant includes a caveat like "But we expect this to be reduced in coming years."

Meanwhile, the Presiding Bishop's lawsuit spending continues to spiral out of control, as documented in detail by A.S. Haley and simply ignored by most folks in the pews.

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