Tuesday, October 26, 2010

National Episcopal Church continues to slash budget, mortgage assests... and even "progressive" elements that agree on stuff are devouring one another

Episcopal Life Online - NEWS

The New York headquarters of the denomination will be mortgaged to service staggering debt.

More programs will be cut while the lawsuit budget is maintained.

Bishops don't want the flaky activist "House of Deputies" who don't want the House of Bishops. The Presiding Bishop is down on the Executive Council and both are down on any objections to what they do.

The "National Church" is an ingrown club of people who speak a coded language that makes sense only to them, and fight over entitlements and resources to cannibalize.

That our decrepit organization spreads disharmony and dysfunction internationally must have the master of the pit throwing one blowout Halloween bash.

We are a sick body. We need to seek healing. But it appears we're yet to hit bottom - denial reigns among those who assume entitlement to power.


Nickie Goomba said...

First, you must hit rock bottom. And them, eventually, you must look for strength from your higher power.

I wonder who the PB sees as her higher power?

TLF+ said...

Nickie G, what this meeting shows is that she's just a symptom. The "will to power" is the higher power of those who are asserting their own private or factional interests, and the people running around playing national church & global communion via TEC are in the thrall of that false god.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I found this article fascinating in what was included. You get this headline about the budget, which is fine. But then after the opening paragraphs, you delve into this weird subsection near the beginning about church governance and ecclesiology (most of which is incoherent ecclesiology).

But then it gets to the really interesting part about Mission. What does the part about Mission in the Budget entail?

Travel guidelines (i.e. no more 5 star restaurants on the Church's dime), housing allowances, property improvements, approving the budget of the Episcopal church (There's Mission for ya!), recognize companion dioceses, whistle blower policies, and accepting an invitation to a conference.

Only one item has anything at all to do with the Mission of the Kingdom of God in any sort of Great Commission lens, and that's to begin a fundraising appeal for the Diocese of Haiti (a laudable goal), but even then read the fine print at the end of the paragraph: the one thing actually having to do with Mission they pawn off on the Episcopal Church Foundation which is technically an independent organization from 815!

Granted, this is an Episcopal Life blurb, so who knows how accurate it is, but I just find that fascinating.

Wilf said...

Who knows, maybe the diocese of Haiti will eventually save TEC.

I'm glad ENS is being somewhat transparent about what happened at the meeting.