Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nat'l Dem Party has a valid point, so why stretch it into a vile lie?

The national Democratic campaign apparatus is running an ad in South Dakota, where incumbent Stephanine Herseth Sandlin (D) is in a tight race with GOP challenger Kristi Noem.

Noem has a record for scofflaw behavior on SD's roads. That's a fair character issue, given the scope and severity of the incidents.

But the Dem ad is really disgusting:

That fade-to-black at the end is used in various TV reality and crime shows all the time. The clear implication of the ad is that we are watching the sad passing of a cute child that Ms. Noem ran over - when in fact there were no injuries involved in any of her traffic violations.

I am pretty sensitive to this kind of stuff, because it is the progressive, peace-love-bunnies people of the church who have concealed budget information, lied about their agendas, perpetrated excessive amounts of the behaviors they blame on everybody else, and generally screwed up the denomination into something truly tragic. If one's ideas and points have merit, why resort to deception?

The unavoidable conclusion is: Maybe your points and ideas have less merit than you think.

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