Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You know. The stuff we forget to do in our marriages, churches and other important relationships.

"One of the speakers at the Second World Congress of (Benedictine) Oblates in Rome last month was Mother Maire Hickey, OSB. She was the Abbess of Dinklage in Germany and is now the administrator of Kylemore Abbey in Ireland... (she) says, 'Benedict knows well the limitations of human nature that prevent us from living relationships in consonance with the plan of the Creator. Every day in every community there will be minor or even major emotional and verbal injuries. Do not let annoyance or anger become chronic.' She reminds us of Benedict's requesting us to pray The Lord's Prayer twice every day so that we may ask forgiveness. Monastics should be 'experts' she says in 'making up after the hurts and contentions of daily life. Our way of life should bear fruit in men and women who are learning to be peacemakers in the spirit of the Beatitudes.'"

From Brother Benet Tvedten, OSB in his November 2009 Letter to Oblates of Blue Cloud Abbey , Marvin, SD.

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