Saturday, December 19, 2009

Had that office Christmas (uh, Holiday? Winter?) Party yet?

"Consider, my friends, what you are doing, consider whether you are laboring in the Lord's vineyard. The Lord's workers are those who do not think of their own concerns but of the Lord's, who live lives of devotion and charitable zeal, who are intent on touching hearts, who hasten to bring others with them to life. Those who live for themselves, nourished by pleasure for its own sake, are rightly reproved for being idle since they are not striving to bring forth the fruit of good works."

Gregory the Great

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Anonymous said...

there is a story about the Orthodox Bishop, St. John Maximovich of San Francisco, who found out that some of his flock were celebrating during a fast, and showed up at the party, and just walked around looking each person sadly in the face without saying a word. He was a real party pooper, since everyone went home shortly afterwards.

Rdr. James Morgan
Olympia WA