Monday, December 14, 2009

If they are our betters, why do they need to lie?

Stand Firm Lessons From Upper South Carolina: A Few Notes About How TEC Bishop Elections Work

Sarah Hey writes from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, detailing the decay of the Episcopal Church there.

An excerpt:

"-- Many revisionist clergy lie -- a lot -- so desperate are they to counter certain bishop candidates that they find threatening. I don't know if that's the way it was 30 years ago -- I wasn't around.

But here's a few examples of bald-faced lies told consistently by some revisionist clergy in this diocese.

1) Concerning an interview with Neal Michell in which he states something along the lines of "we traditionalists should be willing to stay in TEC even if we are ashamed -- shame is not the end of the world -- after all, Hosea was shamed by Gomer and yet was commanded by God to stay with her."

I literally received an email with a link to that interview with a line that said that Neal Michell wants to take the diocese out of TEC.

Of course, Neal Michell wants the opposite -- he wants people to stay in TEC. And the article itself said the precise same thing -- he hopes people will stay in TEC. But the people sending that email and spreading that word were lying. And it's hard to beat lies."

During my time in Los Angeles, there were phony "hate faxes" sent around by gay advocates in order to marginalize a traditional parish. There was a made up quote from a famous Anglican theologian, used as part of a Diocesan teaching to say that revision is tradition and tradition is revision.

Some time back, I detailed a rumor campaign against yours truly in the run up to a South Dakota convention.

"It's hard to beat lies," says Sarah. Amen. That's why the enemy of truth releases so many of them, even in the church.

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