Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And the Episcopal Church wants more slaughter of innocents...

No surprise to read that the National Episcopal Church wants government funded abortions.

It is one thing for Christians to disagree about broad social policy. The whole debate over government funded health care will find Christians, like all other people, arguing over the most beneficial means to provide the best care for the most people.

But for an ostensibly Christian denomination to sell itself out for a few pats on the head from a declining group of zealots is the worst sort of whoring. To simply drop the inherently religious discussion of the beginning and dignity of life is to become a prostitute for the ungodly.

For those who don't know, the Episcopal Church became a sponsor of this kind of trash through its "Executive Council" - about 40 disproportionately old, affluent gay folks at a wine 'n' cheese party. There was no church-wide debate. In fact, many dioceses (including South Dakota) had passed resolutions asking for respectful restraint in the abortion debate.

After the Executive Council whored out the church, some dioceses and many individuals asked for the repeal of the action - with truly appalling lack of response.

h/t TitusOneNine for the Religious Intelligence article.


Anonymous said...


It is really the left's dream to have tax payers pay for abortions.

In a country where out-and-out oppression of Christians is not yet possible, the next best thing is to take the money they earn through their life's work and labor, and use it to kill babies. It is the ultimate slap in the face to a group they hate (Christians).

Of course, the left can always start a fund to provide money for abortions, but that doesn't provide the satisfaction of using Christian money to pay for something supremely offensive to Christians.

And of course, the Episcopal church is in full support for this, because the leadership of the Episcopal church has become openly hostile to Christians.


TLF+ said...

I've been trying, really trying, to be more irenic in my blogging. But reading this news just puts a fire in my bones.

You are so right, Anonymous, about the crazy hatred that runs through this kind of legislation. It is all about a symbolic victory over people and values they despise.

Ironically, the abortion-is-holy crowd is holding up government health care as much if not more than the Republicans. The Dems have the bodies and votes to pass a plan - it is the abortion wingnut insistence on public funding that siphons off Democrats here and there.

Helen said...

I like the "abortion-his-holy" comment. My husband has always said that abortion is the sacrament of hte left. It is absolutely sacred to them. It is mind-boggling that a civilized society could view abortion as a good thing; and the left does, no matter how many times they say they really want as few abortions as possible.