Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prayer request from the Pine Ridge Reservation

I got a kind email in response to yesterday's post about Wounded Knee. It included this news and prayer request:

"We're having a New Years Day celebration at the church, where we'll pass out the gifts and treats for the children. (Note: Christmas events were postponed due to the blizzard). In Pine Ridge it was declared a state of emergency, so lots of people are still snowed in. Unfortunately, some don't have propane for heat due to the impassable roads. Please remember them in your prayers."

Please pray for the people who are cut off from services and support. The snow has stopped but the temps are very low. I am sure that the same conditions are present on other Reservations and in rural areas. Even in the city, some new housing tracts and apartment complexes have had to wait for public services or management to dig out streets and parking lots. But at least here we have abundant heat.

So please do call upon God for the folks who are isolated under harsh conditions.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for them today.

Anonymous said...

In Minnesota people assume because of the casinos the people on the reservation don't need any help. The Red Lake Tribe is at about 80% unemployment and White Earth is not mush better. For the last 13 years I have been collecting funds and buying warm winter clothing to distribute thru the missions on the reservations here. With ebay and other avenues I can provide about 10 times the amount of clothing the monies would otherwise provide. To date it is over $285,000 of hats ,mittens, insulated underwear, socks, sweaters, etc.

TLF+ said...

Thanks for the prayers! It is bitterly cold here today, and every sting of it is a reminder to pray for the people who remain snowed in.

Art+, thank you for your testimony - and your continued ministry!