Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big winter storm may have churches focusing on Sunday as their Christmas service

On Facebook from the Rosebud Mission:

"Dear Members of Episcopal Churches on the Rosebud Reservation:

Due to our winter storm, which has been predicted by every news outlet covering the area, we sadly must cancel all Christmas Eve (Thursday), and Christmas Day (Friday) services. This includes services of Mother Judy Spruhan, Fr. Spruhan, & Fr. Webster Two Hawk. Tentatively, these services have been scheduled for Sunday, December 27th. More dates and times to follow. Please take care when driving to see relatives, wear your seatbelts, bring your cell-phones if available, and add a warm blanket to your car supplies, should you be stranded. If in doubt, don't travel or drive in the predicted weather. God knows that you will celebrate Christmas in your's not worth your life to venture into a blizzard.

Much love,
-The Rosebud Episcopal Mission"

Things are still iffy in Sioux Falls. Storms that hammer the rest of the state just tap us sometimes. But I'm looking out the window at some pretty good wind-driven snow coming down right now...

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