Thursday, December 10, 2009

How cold was it yesterday morning?

It was so cold that Lily, who wakes me up before the alarm most days to let her romp in search of rabbits and squirrels, only wanted to pee and then went back in the garage. She stood there with a plaintive face until I let her back in the warm house.
I spent a lovely 40 minutes clearing snow in what turned out to be -23 F conditions. Stupid dog was smarter.


Scott said...

23 in California's San Joaquin Valley and I thought it was bone chilling. I am fairly certain that I would decide to move immediately from any place that reached -23.

TLF+ said...

Scott - see? You are smarter than Lily AND me!

occasionalchristian said...

My appologies for not gift wrapping the Alberta -34 Celcius that we sent on its way to you.