Monday, February 2, 2009

Remember, Euro-Canada and Euro-D.C. are not too far away...

From England's Daily Mail. (h/t Sarah Hey)

Read the whole piece. It is worth your time if you care about civil rights, family life, kids and putting facts ahead of screechy emotion. It is well written because the writer is not stridently anti-gay, and she comes at this with clarity, information and common sense.

But you should feel a chill as you read it, because our "betters" just don't see the ghastliness of the story. Here's a bit:

This in turn is part of the broader onslaught upon the Judeo-Christian principles upon which British society and western civilisation are based, which has been mounted now for decades by ideologues of the left and which has progressively eviscerated family life on the altar of individual ‘lifestyle choice’.

The result is a world turned on its head in which what is harmful is said to be good and what is good is said to be harmful; tolerance has turned into gross intolerance; and upholding human rights has turned into an onslaught upon human rights.

The hapless Scottish grandparents are but the latest victims of a brutal totalitarian dogma, which anyone with an ounce of real liberal principle should denounce for the attack on justice, humanity and common-sense that it undoubtedly is.


Anonymous said...

A quote from the article worth reading

But that is indeed the whole point of the gay rights movement - to destroy the very notion of heterosexual norms of sexual behaviour and the definition of the family so that gay lifestyles can present themselves as ‘normal’.

GA/FL said...

The evidence in research stands against these aberrant deadly social experiments.

Choice harms mothers far into the future. The children thrown into foster care and into 'gay' homes are abused spiritually, emotionally and physically...because more often than not, their boundaries are violated emotionally, physically and/or sexually.

Some children growing up these environs report viewing overt sexual activity at an early age, being forced to bathe with adults, etc.

Foster care is poorly supervised (recent deaths in MA and CA) ...but adoption leaves the child at the mercy of NO supervision.

Trauma occurs with more than just Type A Trauma (abuse)and Type B trauma (neglect, lack of necessities). Unpredictability/inconsistency and dishonesty/deception are types of Trauma I would label Type C.

But there is another, I'll call it Type D - a far more subtle pervasive and destructive Trauma than A,B, or occurs whenever God's Design and Word are not adhered to and taught. Aberrant lifestyles, agenda and cult groups as well as false religions and aberrant Christian practitioners and practices constitute this type of trauma... this is the cruelest kind of all and the latter are the worst...they bend the Cross and Christ for their own gratification or to cover or promote their sin. They use God's holy Name for evil.

One preacher I know slept with his daughter and told her it was ok because he was a preacher. And, the homosexual practitioners are using His Church to promote sin.

Children growing up with parents who violate God's laws end up with skewed perceptions and deep psychological wounds.

Whenever God's truth and design is distorted and it is cruelly disorienting indeed.

I know - I grew up in a home with sexually diverse, adulterous, angry, alcoholic parents (both of whom had lost their same-sex parents in infancy).

It's required grueling spiritual battles and therapeutic work to undo the perceptions and definitions of God, male, female, marriage, truth, love AND life that they taught and lived for me.

My early choices replicated my parents' and their behaviors...I married a man who had been molested and could never be faithful...even after becoming a Christian lay pastor.

It takes a lot of time and energy to continue to forgive (myself, especially) because my choice of a mate and father for my children has resulted in a lot of pain.

As a result I am VERY much against 'gay' adoption or secular adoption, invitro fertilization, esp. of 'gays' (see the story of Adelaide, AU man whose sperm impregnated 30 lesbian women). This fosters and continues what is basically a disorientation and continues their confusion and sin into another generation and is against God's design and will for humanity.

It smacks of 'my will be done, hang the cost to anyone else...' Not 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'

TLF+ said...

Thanks, GA/FL for sharing your witness and your heart.

Your last comment nails the problem. In Baptism, we are challenged to renounce "the flesh" - our own sinful, self-centered way - along with the spiritual and social forces that rebel against God (the devil and the world).

Christ lived perfectly in the Father's will, and so became the perfect sacrifice - and He will be the healing of your pained conscience and for all of us who turn to him.