Thursday, February 5, 2009

London Times' Ruth Gledhill Misses a Horrible Point in Order to Placate Islam

Ruth Gledhill of the Times is a respected religion correspondent, and really good ones like her are few and far between.

But I think she misses a point in her comments on media coverage of a truly horrible story from Iraq.

A, well, hag in Iraq has been recruiting female suicide bombers - by getting men to rape the women, then telling them that blowing themselves up will free them from their "shame."

Gledhill and other writers pointed out that Islam does not teach or validate rape, and that journalists were therefore correct to keep words like Islam or Muslim out of their reports of the ghastly news.

But rape is not the Islamic connection - suicidal (and homicidal) acts of martyrdom are.

Evil and horrid enough that women are raped, more evil and horrid that their culture then shames them, but monumentally evil and horrid that they are then offered up as sacrifices to expressly Islamic conceptions of jihad, martyrdom and afterlife.


Perpetua said...

Hi Tim+,

I agree with you. And this is not the only case of al-Qaeda using rape to recruit suicide bombers. Last night I posted this about al Qaeda in Algeria using male rape of young men.

This is about Islam because an Islamic group is perpetrating rape and then manipulating the shame and fear of the victims. We are talking about a culture where rape victims may be the subjects of honor killing. The al-Queda terrorists are promising the rape victims the restoration of their honor and the approval of Allah if they martyr themselves in a suicide bombing.

TLF+ said...

Thanks, Perpetua. Thanks for your report as well.

Islam, from all I can see, posits a distantly impersonal supreme being and the adherents of the religion seem all too happy to degrade and destroy others, rationalizing it all as "the will of Allah."