Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Episcopal Church finds what really matters in hard times

h/t Jackie Bruchi of Stand Firm...

The Episcopal Church (TEC) just released a draft budget.

Episcopal Church Treasurer Kurt Barnes told the council January 30 that the world economy has not been in this sort of financial crisis "since the time of the Depression," and thus the council "must take very, very serious action."

So guess what? The budget saves money via "the elimination of the budget's line item of 0.7 percent spending for specific Millennium Development Goals spending," You remember those United Nations MDGs, right? The stated primary mission of TEC? Even the Diocese of South Dakota passed a resolution affirming this as the primary work of the church. But it's out of the budget.

And you probably know what stayed in the budget - money for lawsuits against Christians! Not only that, but now TEC is raising capital funds to sue people:

"Establish Trust Fund # 1033 The St. Ives Fund to support non-budgetary legal expenses, income, accumulated appreciation and principal may be used by the DMFS for such legal expenses as determined by the Presiding Bishop, after consultation with the Treasurer, the Vice Presidents of DFMS, and the Chair of Executive Council Standing Committee on Administration and Finance (A&F090)."

Even better, this new fund is a discretionary fund so it allows the Presiding Bishop to sue people without being accountable to the church.

I seldom use this kind of language, but those of you who are endorsing this (or covering for it) are headed for hell. You need to repent of this anti-Biblical and hypocritical behavior. You claim to be about "peace and justice", but you create strife and selfishness. You call on people to make sacrifices to support you, but you squander their offerings. You are against the work of Christ and you are harming His people - and claiming to do so in God's Name. The harm you are doing to yourselves is much, much worse than anything you are inflicting on Christ's people.


Anonymous said...

The actions of these people (the PB and her supporters) in effect declare them excommunicate.

If the HoB, typical to its inaction of late, sits on this and does not bring presentment, then THEY are also excommunicate.


Christe eleison!!!

Anonymous said...

So, now YOU have the power to condemn to hell people who disagree with you. What's next, a vision of yourself sitting on God's right hand? You are shameless, seriously, and you are beneath contempt. I will pray for you and remind you that you should judge not, lest you yourself be judged.

TLF+ said...

I have no power to send people to hell. I have every responsibility to warn people when they are endangering their souls and the well being of others.

Read and/or listen to the Epistle assigned for today. Paul warns church people that their actions can endanger the eternal destiny of those around them.

How can I assert that someone might be headed toward hell? By reading the clear and direct warnings in the Bible - in particular the New Testament for the life of the church. And it is my responsibility to do this - my letter of institution from the Bishop of South Dakota charges me to "Nourish (Christ's people) and strengthen them to gloriy God in this life and the life to come." We have an eternal life in union with Christ - and we can throw it away by ignoring Him in this life.

Go read the ENS article to which I link (and they contain other links worth perusing). You have TEC leaders blathering about "emphsizing spirituality, not religion" yet wanting milllions of dollars to "be spiritual." It would be a silly joke if not for the tragic impact upon people for whom Christ died.

My name is on this, anonymous. It is you who are shameful and beneath contempt as a coward who distorts Christ's word and deceives His people.

Dobrdale said...

Anonymous > Such a tragic out look you have on Gods word. Obviously the teachings of Christ mean nothing to you. And also obviously only your desire that TEC maintains some semblance of POWER means anything to you.