Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good News from Around the World: The Church Need Not Die

One of the most wretched things about the Episcopal Church today is how national leaders insist that shrinking, dying congregations are a "trend" that we all must accept (but please leave property and money to perpetuate bureaucrats in diocesan offices and the New York headquarters).

But around the world, Christ's people are showing amazing vitality - so much so that even secular governments and mainstream media are taking note.

Give yourself just four minutes to view this amazing Chicago Tribune report on Christianity in China. (h/t Sarah Hey at Stand Firm).

And then check out all's report on Sudanese Anglicans' 10-year Gospel Revival Plan for that beleaguered country. (h/t VirtueOnLine).

The joyful acclamations of the Anglican Province of Kenya celebrate the reality for all times and places:
  • Is the Father with us?
  • He is!
  • Is Christ among us?
  • He is!
  • Is the Spirit here?
  • He is!

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