Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He's a Baptist. He's not watching a liturgical calendar. But darned if this isn't the Ash Wednesday sermon we need...

h/t AAC/SDK member Peter Hassenstein, who sent me the link via VirtueOnLine. You think Rick Warren's got a hidden Ordo Calendar or something?

America is in deep trouble right now. If God is going to judge America, he’ll start with us. He’ll start with his people. National healing will also start with us. America will not be healed because we passed a certain law. Healing won’t happen because we elect the right people to government positions. Healing won’t happen when those who don’t know God behave better. God will heal out land when his people – the church – confess, pray, seek him, and repent.

National healing will start with our churches, or it won’t happen.

Will it start with your church?

Will it start with you?

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