Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey, Speaker Pelosi, here's how you can cover those STD costs...

The porky "stimulus" bill before the Senate now includes $400,000,000 for sexually transmitted disease (STD) help.

What's that doing in an economic stimulus bill?

Anyway, there are other ways to get these funds without lumping them into the federal budget:
  • * Having lived in California most of my life, I am aware that the Golden State's legislature loves to impose "fees" (not taxes, they will assure you) to raise funds and influence behavior. So, why not a national "fee" for sex industry use? Just a few cents on every sex-themed business in San Francisco, Speaker Pelosi's home town, could meet the needs of the whole nation! But hey, we have sex shoppes sitting in Iowa cornfields and all around the Northern Plains. This would be a national effort.
  • * And how about a fee on porno movies viewed in hotels and motels? That's a big industry, and there are various taxes and fees charged for the rooms - why not a porn fee to fund STD programs?

Look, we charge all kinds of taxes on gasoline in order to fund roads or something, and on cigarettes to fund who knows what (I'm sure it's "for the children.")

So why not tax the sex industry for some of the destructive stuff it, uh, stimulates?

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