Saturday, February 28, 2009

Next time you complain about the church...

In Goya's great Third of May, the atrocities of the sinful world come front and center. Light shines only from the innocent victim, his arms flung wide as though on the cross with Christ.

The horror includes the lifeless, shadowy church in the background, and helpless monks covering their eyes as the triggers are pulled.

Remember this painting next time the preacher "says something you don't like," or you stomp out to "find a church that agrees with you."

Call it to mind when you crow about being "spiritual, not religious."

Ponder it when you curse a priest for speaking against abortion, or you dismiss a Christian friend who offers a Biblical answer to some difficulty in your life.

Think about it when a loved one challenges some ugly aspect of your life in God's name.

What happens when we make the church go dark? The shadows spread.

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