Friday, January 16, 2009

More differences between my birth state and my adopted home

Here's a picture of "sundogs." In certain conditions here, the sun is bracketed by rainbows. We had sundogs over Sioux Falls on Christmas Eve. I'd never heard of this growing up in California, and hadn't seen 'em in my first four years here in South Dakota.

Then there's the matter of clouds.

In CA, clouds = cool, sun = warm.

Here in SD (and in similar climes), Winter clouds = insulation = warmth; Winter sun = cold! Yep, these recent Arctic deep freeze days have sported blue, sunny skies. The clouds hold what heat we have closer to the Earth; when they are gone, the heat floats off like a lost helium balloon.

Hope I get continuing ed. credits for this steep learning curve.


The Oblate said...

Seeing the winter rainbow, especially this morning, makes me smile. It let's me know God is still here with us, just asking us to "layer your clothing" and wear a hat!

The Oblate

Anonymous said...

Just keep moving north 'till you have to look south to see the Northern Lights, then you've gone far enough.