Thursday, January 1, 2009

Love South Dakota. No desire to go back to Cali. But...

My Alma Mater, the USC Trojans, just won a record third straight Rose Bowl.
Now, let me offend folks in most other parts of this fine country. You see, we keep hearing the same "expert" garbage about college football: "The Pac-10 Conference is just USC beating nine weak teams."
  • OK, the Pac-10 just finished going 5 - 0 in Bowl Games. Pac-10 teams beat BYU, Miami (FL), Oklahoma State, Pitt and Penn State.
  • Meanwhile, certain states get an automatic place in the highest heavens of college football. You can open a school in certain states and they put you in the top-10 and a Bowl game before you even play. I swear, you could print up a letterhead for Florida North-Southern Correspondence Accounting Institute or Texas I-Before-E-Except-After-C and those teams would be on the cover of Sports Illustrated with breathless queries as to if they are the greatest teams in football history.
  • This takes nothing away from the scary-good Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators, who will meet in the Bowl Championship Series title game. (The way Florida's Tim Tebow wills his team to win is amazing). I will certainly respect the national title status of either great team.
  • But you sports expert-wonk-dorks in the Mid-West and South can just shut up about the Pac-10. So, how you like me now?
P.S. Way to go Nebraska Cornhuskers! Bring back that great tradition. Congratulations on your Gator Bowl win over Clemson.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I wish Penn State had won, but couldn't help admiring the skill with which the Trojans passed and received the ball.


TLF+ said...

And let's give props to Utah! Another team that will be hosed in the polls for not being from an anointed State.