Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lay voice from an Episcopal client church

By email [I've edited for confidentiality]: A layperson on-site reflects on a visit by representatives of The Episcopal Church.

There is one big snag in the whole works project. Everything the bishop [of the client church] has done has been paid for by Americans. [S/he] has not really built up any strong base among the laity. So the people have become accustomed to waiting for Americans to come down and do it, what ever that is.

I just heard from some folks today who are planning to come in XXXX to XXXX a XXXX that is being dedicated on XXXX. And so it goes. I realize that people are poor but they rarely are included in the planning process. Rich americans walk in and do it. And then feel satisfied afterwards.

And yes inspite of all the stuff down here there is a certain amount of hope among the people. They are used to doing without. And manage quite well most of the time. Ah well.

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