Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chilling out for a few

Was wiped out the first part of the week by a nasty virus. Am still muddle headed from it and trying to play desk catch-up.

Meanwhile, we are having possible record low temps here. Minus 22F this morning in Sioux Falls and Aberdeen, SD might have been the coldest spot in the U.S. yesterday with an air temp (not including wind chill) of minus 42F.

Colder here than Alaska and (here goes) Canada!


prairiewords said...

Our condolences for your flu suffering. My sympathy, I received free flu shots only to find out it was for soemthing not going around.

As for the weather, you how Canadians feel about whiny southerners ;) Actually the nasty Siberian cool passed us here in Southern Alberta and we have been experiencing weather above freezing (thus avoiding quoting Celcius which to Americans always sounds colder than it really is)

We need to find an Alaskan blogger to make weather comments in your defence (maybe?)

Blessings +Tim from the Frozen North

prairiewords said...

Oh my goodness, did I just promote you? Is this a prophacy?

Steve L. without the + front or back

Peter said...

Yup, sitting pretty at 43F here. We got bored with the cold and passed it on. Enjoy!

Georgia said...

May the Lord be with you, and give you health and peace...hope you feel all better very soon. Prayers for you, Fr. Tim.

Georgia said...

Forgot to remind you
that this Sunday is Sanctity of Life Sunday. January is Sanctity of Life month.
Anglicans for Life:
With the incoming administration's position on abortion, they will need much help.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks, Georgia! For those who are following some of the latest develooments, it looks like the Freedom of Choice (Abortion on Demand) will become law of the land.

It is 9 degrees in Lexington, Kentucky and we are told to expect below zero before morning. For Kentucky this is brutal. Our horses and those who tend them really suffer.

Castanea_d said...

It is cold here in Iowa, too: -29 F. yesterday morning with windchill -52 F. Our weather reports blame it on you: “A cold air mass from the Dakotas...”

Get well soon!!!
(and prayers for those, both human and animal, suffering from the cold)

TLF+ said...

Thanks, friends, for the kind wishes and comments. Steve L., I am going to blame your errant "+" on indigestion rather than prophecy. Sometimes a dream is a vision, other times it's just too much back bacon & beer before bed.

Thanks, all, for reminders to pray for those affected by the extreme weather.

I've added a post displaying more of my ignorance and insuitability for this region - showing again the need for grace!