Saturday, January 10, 2009

UPDATED: The church lawsuit frenzy continues... anybody want a glimpse of the human cost?

As I've written and argued elsewhere, a patchwork of decisions are emerging. In California, The Episcopal Church gets another shot at keeping church property. In Virginia, the congregations keep the property. More lawsuits are filed all over the country, as "bishops" who can't build the relationships to lead people sit in their offices and spend God's money on lawsuits to keep empty buildings.

In New York State, one bishop just "won" in court and will kick the people out of Church of the Good Shepherd, Binghamton. The Rector's wife is also an Episcopal priest, and she describes what last night was like for her family, including four kids who are about to be kicked out of the home they know (the family lives in the church rectory).

Pray for the Kennedy family. Pray for the church. As the Bible makes clear, it is a loss all around when Christians sue one another.

Update: There are other models for resolving conflict or separating with grace and charity. See this short article from the Modesto (CA) Bee.

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