Friday, January 30, 2009

Bumper Sticker Insight

I found myself behind a car with all the usual left-wing activist stickers.

The most prominent were
  • - "War is Not the Answer"* and
  • - a pro-abortion pitch.
The sum of the political philosophy expressed on these stickers seems to be:

"The good life is secured by appeasing the ruthless and violent and getting rid of the weak and inconvenient."

* Jesus tells us that peacemaking is a heavenly value, so I don't dispute the message that war is not the ultimate solution to human problems. But the New Testament is clear that government is permitted by God, and allowed to use deadly force to restrain manifest evil (Romans 13). While an individual might be called to pacifism, to expect a government to practice absolute non-violence is simply incorrect from a Biblical point of view and immoral to the extent that this expectation allows violent people to victimize one's neighbor.

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