Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What church conventions could be

Caught this via a Facebook friend:

The Suburban Christian: Evangelical Tribalism: The Big Sort or The Breakfast Club?

I think that possibilities for catholic (small "c" intentional) gatherings, such as diocesan or denominational conventions, lurk within this piece by Al Hsu, who serves an Anglican mission near Chicago.

He faults churches for the same "tribalization" that governs politics and neighborhoods - like gather with like and only hear from like. People who want "spirituality" go to prayer conferences, cause activists go to social justice seminars, etc.

I think that denominational, diocesan or other gatherings have the opportunity to gather members of varied interests, gifts and perspectives to pray, learn and work together. They don't necessarily do this, of course. They are notoriously susceptible to activisits with the leisure time, focus and often the funding to take over for a narrow agenda.

Hsu raises the challenge of I Corinthians 12, in which God gives Paul the vision of the church as the living body of Christ, with each member a vital part contributing to the work of the whole.

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