Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Paging Dr. Mabuse

The Anglican blogger in Canada is raising three autism spectrum kids... we have just the one. But today ours decided that he didn't like his wet bathing suit and would simply remove it at the pool where we are staying. Only marginally cute when toddlers do that... totally mortifying when a 16-year old does it. I figure if Mabuse can handle three of these space invaders, she won't even notice if a fourth shows up.

But seriously, folks, we are having a great trip and I want to thank all who have been praying. This heat should have done in the autistic kid, but he's had no seizures and he's been happy and engaged, public nudity excepted.

We kayaked on Table Rock Lake today. Restful and beautiful. Horseback trip in the Ozarks tomorrow, and then an "Amazing Pets" live show in Branson on Friday.

Blessings on all who have contributed to this sabbatical - money gifts, lodging, prayers, time... so much generosity has come our way and we are grateful.

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Dr. Mabuse said...

Heheheh...I didn't see your post until today! Obviously, events have been following thick and fast in your neck of the woods.

I am fully acquainted with 16-year olds suddenly deciding to go for the Adam and Eve look. Heck, our 18-year old will do it too, though he's usually just in leisurely transition from the shower to the basement computer. It's James who prefers to go "sky-clad", as the Jains put it. We've come to appreciate the value of a high fence and lots of trees!