Sunday, August 22, 2010

No wonder media get low "trust" scores in most polls

AP circulates opinion piece as news:

Mosque flap tests limits of US tolerance - AP Nation -

Ground Zero is a painful wound caused by intolerant, coercive would-be totalitarians espousing Islam. The symbolism of sticking an Islamic Center - one named for Islam's imperial efforts in Europe - into that wound is what people are protesting.

Other folks have pointed out other situations in which decency led to compromise. Confederate flags came down from Southern state houses, because the salute to history and heritage was outweighed by the symbol's impact on the descendants of slaves. Nuns took down their cross at Auschwitz, because their sign of redemption was outweighed by the location's stark testimony to "Christian" Europe's historic anti-Semitism and Holocaust.

There is no argument by any reputable person I can find suggesting that "Islamic centers and Mosques must be banned." The only protest is that Ground Zero is the wrong place. The fact that a national controversy is stirred up proves the point.

For an AP writer and his editors to put the majority on trial for "intolerance" is some case of projection. No wonder the "mainstream media" is a fading joke.

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